State and National Affiliation

State and National Affiliation Update

For the 2014-2015 school year, all chapters must affiliate on the National Website. All payments will go directly to the national office as of fall 2014.

2014 - 2015 Membership Dues are $12.00 ($9.00 national and $3.00 state). You must have 12 members to affiliate a chapter at the national level.

Helpful hints and membership recruitment information are available here.


Start a New FCCLA Chapter

To Request a "First Time" Affiliating Membership Kit Click Here.

Middle Level Affiliation

Middle Level Affiliation is a unique way to affiliate the ENTIRE middle school and receive full benefits of the national affiliation. This is a great deal if you teach new students every six or nine or even twelve weeks. You can affiliate once and if you have a new student in January that wants to compete then they are already affiliated.

Cost: National dues are $450.00 and State dues are $150.00 (50 members) for a total of $600.00.


"New" Pilot Postsecondary Affiliation

  • Dues are $18.00 ($15.00 national dues and $3.00 state dues)
  • Automatically affiliates you with Alumnui & Associates
  • Allows Postsecondary Students to compete at nationals this summer
  • Do not have to be a FACS major to affiliate and no minimum number to affiliate
  • Mail form back to Georgia State Office - 283 Swanson Drive #204, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
  • Any questions, email Vickie Rundbaken at

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